"Jika ada sesiapa yang pinta CINTAmu, katakanlah ianya hanya pada Allah,
Jika ada sesiapa yang pinta KASIHmu, katakanlah ianya hanya pada Rasulullah,
Jika ada sesiapa yang pinta RINDU dan SAYANGmu, katakanlah ianya hanya pada ibu dan ayah,
Jika ada sesiapa yang pinta untuk di HATImu, maka berilah ia kepada kepada orang yang benar-benar menghargainya"

Friday, October 31, 2014

A Short True Story About Teamwork

Hello & Assalamualaikum Fellow Friends,
   Quite sometimes this blog is not been updated. Let me share a story about teamwork.
   This is a story about a family of 4 people: Every Body, Some Body, Any Body and No Body.
   There was an important job to be done, and Every Body was asked to do it. Every Body was sure Some Body would do it.
   Any Body could have done it, but No Body did it. Some Body got angry with that, because it was Every Body's job.
   Every Body thought Any Body could do it, but No Body realized that Every Body wouldn't do it.
   In the end, Every Body blamed Some Body when No Body did what Any Body could have done.
Moral of the story: To do a task, need contribution of many people. We cannot work alone. All, have the responsibilities to finish the task.
Source: anonymous
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