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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Emcee Script - Annual Dinner

Assalamualaikum Sahabat Pembaca,
Kepada yang mungkin sedang mencari teks MC berbahasa Inggeris. Di sini Sha kongsikan untuk rujukan sahabat semua. Semoga nota ini memberi manfaat kepada sahabat semua. Mana-mana yang perlu diubah, silakan ikut kesesuaian majlis. Sekadar rujukan dari Sha.
Terima kasih.

Assalamualaikum and good evening Ladies and gentlemen, Welcome to ____________ Dinner!
May we invite everyone to kindly take your seats as we will be commencing the dinner in a while.
And kindly turn off or set your handphones to silent mode throughout the night.  Your cooperation is deeply appreciated.
You are required to stand upon the arrival of our honoured guests
At the end of the event please come forward to the stage for photo session with our guest.
Thank you.
Announcing the arrival of guest of honour:
The Honorable/ YBhg. Prof. Dr. ___
(Post, Organization)
Accompanied by
The Honorable / YBhg. Prof  Madya Dr. __________,
(Post, Organization)
Senior lecturers and officers,

Negaraku song (change due to occasion)
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Please be seated.

Assalamualaikum  wbt.  Selamat  sejahtera,  a  very  good  evening  and  a  warm welcome to our guest of honour,

The Honorable/ YBhg. Prof. Dr. ___
(Post, Organization)
The Honorable / YBhg. Prof  Madya Dr. __________,
(Post, Organization)

The Honorable / YBhg. Prof Madya
Programme Coordinator
Staff And Postgraduate Students
Ladies And Gentlemen
Welcome to _______________ Dinner
It is my honoured to be your emcee tonight, I’m (your name). or
(My name is (your name) and I will be your Master of Ceremony for this event.)
To begin the ceremony with blessing from Allah subhanallah, i would like to invite (name) to lead the doa recitation and a moment of silence
(Doa Recitation)
Amin2 Ya Rabbal Alamin.
Thank you (name) For The Doa. May Our Event Tonight Runs Smoothly And Be Blessed By Allah Subhanallah, Insya Allah.
It is great to see so many enthusiastic students present here, celebrating the success of their studies.
______________ Dinner, an annual event of (organization) is a motivation for all of them who  put their best effort.
Ladies and Gentlemen
Now, i would like to call upon the Programme Coordinator, YBhg. Prof. Madya (name) for an opening speech. Please welcome
(Programme Coordinator Speech)
Thank you YBhg. Prof. Madya (name) for the warm opening speech.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Next, it’s my pleasure to invite, post graduate representative Mr./saudara (name) please welcome to the stage to deliver his speech. Please welcome
(Student Representative Speech)
Thank you Mr./saudara (name) for your speech
Now is the highlight of the event; the award giving session.
With all respect, we would like to invite YBhg. Prof. Dr. (name), (post), accompanied by YBhg. Prof. Madya Dr. (name), (post, organization) to hand over the awards to the recipient.
We are honoured to present the award t Miss _________ to come on stage to receive the award. Please welcome Miss __________
Thank you YBhg. Prof. Dr. (name) and  YBhg. Prof. Madya Dr.(name) for giving away the award
Congratulation to award resipient, Miss _______
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dinner will be served in a while. We hope that you will like and enjoy the dishes that we have prepared especially for this occasion.
I would like to invite our honoured guest and our guests to enjoy the mouth-watering meals.  Bon appetit! Enjoy the meal. The buffet is now open to all guests.
Persembahan Tarian Zapin
While we enjoy our meals, we will be entertained by talented dancers. Now come along let’s have a performance by ___________. The group is going to present Tarian Zapin. Let’s put our hands together, to welcome ________ 
Thank you very much for the fabulous performance. Please give them once again a big round of applause.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
I hope you are enjoying. But this is not over yet. This was just a beginning. There is yet more mesmerizing performance to come.
Now let us move to our next agenda. We are having our lucky draw session. Hopefully, everyone will be lucky tonight.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
For that we would like to invite (name, post) to the stage to pick 5 lucky numbers.
Those with the chosen numbers are required to come on stage to collect your prizes.
The 1st lucky number is
2nd lucky number goes to next lucky number is
The last lucky number is
Thank you to (name) for giving away the prizes.
And congratulation to the entire lucky winners.
For those who are not chosen for this round, don’t worry, we have 2 more lucky draw sessions after this.
Tarian India
As I mention earlier, we have a couple of dance performance later. For now, the performance  is from _________. The group will perform Indian dance.
Ladies and Gentlemen, please give them a welcome with big applause.
Wow really incredible performance. Thank you ______________ for the the wonderful performance.
Games 1
Ladies and Gentlemen,
For the next act, please everyone check your goody bags. Who have this kind of sticker?  Blue sticker on your booklet. Have you found it? Okay please move forward to the stage.
I will explain the rules how to play a game.
Charades (Blue Sticker on booklets)
Guessing Game
1 team (6 persons)
1-2 Round (Depends on the time left)
  The first person will be given a word/phrase to act out. The rest of the team members must guess the given word/phrase. If the members guess correctly, the first person must join back the line and the next person will continue.
  Each person will get 30 seconds to act out the phrase/ word
  Members can use words to describe; must not use the phrase/word that is tobe guessed
Do you get it? We will start the game with my counting 1, 2 begin
(Games on)
I call upon (name) to give away the prizes to the participants
Thank you to all participants.
Tarian Songket
Now let’s our hearts get soothed by a traditional dance call Tarian Songket. For that I call upon
to come on stage to present the dance. Please give a warm round of applause to ________
Thank you to the dancers for a splendid performance. Please give them another round of applause
Cabutan bertuah 2
Again now is the lucky draw session. Who will be lucky this time?
Before  that  i  would  like  to  invite  Yang Berusaha Encik Zulkifle Othman to the stage to pick 4 more lucky numbers.
Get ready ya
The 5th lucky number is
6th lucky number goes to next lucky number is
The last lucky number is
Thank you to (name) for giving away the prizes.
And congratulation to all lucky winner.
Tarian __________
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Up next is another dance performance put up by _______
They will perform Tarian ___________.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Let’s put our hands together to welcome ____________  
Thank you to all talented dancers for a wonderful performance.
Games 2
Pengumuman Juruacara:
Ladies and Gentlemen,
For now please check your chair. If there is a ribbon sticked to your chair then, please come on stage. We have some interesting game for you.
Here are the rules:
Pass the Message (with only acting/drawing) (Red ribbon on chairs)
1 team (6 persons)
1 round
          The first person will be given a word/phrase to act out/draw. The person must act out/draw the given word to the next person. The next person must continue on this to next person and so on. The last person must guess thegiven word/phrase.
          Each person will get 30 seconds to act out/draw the phrase/ word
          Members must not use the phrase/word that is to be guessed
(Games take place)
Before that, I call upon  (name, post) to give away the prizes to all participant
Thank you to all participants.

Tarian 1 Malaysia
Ladies and Gentlemen,
So far, how was everything tonight? Wish you enjoyed every minutes together in this ballroom.
Here we have 1 more performance from ______
Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome Tarian 1 Malaysia.
Wow what a cherish performance! Thank you to all dancers. Please give them a big round of applause
Cabutan bertuah Hadiah Utama
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Now come along let’s have a change. Now it’s time to present our grant lucky draw session.
Before we precede let me call upon (guest of honour) to the stage to pick 3 lucky number. I wish i’m lucky too this time
Are you ready with your number in hand?
The number is
Next number
The last number  
Congarulation! Come forward on stage to collect your prize.
Thank you (guest of honour) for giving away the prize.
And again congratulation to the lucky winner.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
As a saying said, to every beginning, there is an ending, our ________ Dinner is coming to the end. or
(Time really do flies, and it's time to end our _________dinner)
This was all about this event. I hope all of you have enjoyed this mesmerizing occasion. I’m on behalf of the organizer; thank all of you for coming and remaining with us during this delighting event.  I am especially thankfull to (Guests of honour) for their cordial joining. It really proved encouraging for us.
I express gratitude to the organizer, who work round the clock to make this ________ Dinner successful. I also thank all those who implicitly or explicitly became the part of this event.
If in guiding this event, I made mistake or offended someone here, please forgive me. With that, Thank you for coming and have a safe journey home.
Good night and Assalamualaikum. Thank you.
Sesi bergambar
Atttention to all guest, please come on stage, as I would like to invite our hounourable guests on stage for photo-taking session.
Thank you.

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